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Baguette Espresso

Sale price$395.00

Designed and hand-crafted in the USA with both style and function in mind, the Espresso Baguette is a fresh and modern update to your timeless, everyday shoulder bag. 

This Luxury Handbag features CARA BENEVENIA's signature hand-woven textile in a chic multi-tone brown and bronze leather mix.  The Espresso Baguette pairs perfectly with citrus tones in the summer, while transitioning seamlessly into fall as your newest neutral handbag.

Hand-woven by our Designer, Cara, and Crafted in New Jersey by local leather artisans, The Espresso Baguette is truly more than just a fashion accessory.  Representing family, humanity, and wearable art, your CARA BENEVENIA is meant to be worn, loved, and passed down for generations to come.