• Cara Benevenia Baguette 2.0 Espresso Brown

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Cara Benevenia Baguette 2.0 Espresso Brown

Cara Benevenia Teams up with Kate Norkeliunas to benefit Project Heal

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The Cara Benevenia brand exists to empower and inspire, through the design, development, and retail of wearable art. The brand's mission is to bring awareness to the dying art of true craftsmanship and garner a newfound appreciation for intentional designs, ethical production practices, and products as unique as the hands that create them.

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The Billie

"She is even more beautiful than I thought she would be, I am obsessed. My Prada bag has been REAL QUIET ever since I walked in with my Cara Benevenia."

Ali Booth

Black Matte Baguette

"It is seriously the most amazing handbag I have ever purchased. It is so soft and dreamy and the quality is insane! I will cherish this little piece of Cara Benevenia always!"

Libby Adams

Cappuccino Baguette

"I am literally obsessed with this bag....it feels like art, not a mass-produced handbag. You can feel how much love went into it!"

Stephanie Martin

Mixed Metals Classic

"Cara's handbags are more valuable than any handbag I could have spent $1,000+ on from a name brand. The level of effort and quality makes the bag so stunning and unique. It's too bad more name brands don't take the time that she does to put into their product."

Black Matte Baguette

"It's PERFECT literally just what I wanted and fits everything I need"

Alexa Lombardi