Cara Benevenia X The Polisher Project -- can you guess which bag we are giving away?

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On Heritage and Handcrafted Luxury

Cara's Story

A Tale of Two Designers

Visions of Intricacy and Elegance

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Rich Tones, Richer History

Annika's story

A Tale of Two Designers

Cara Benevenia X The Polisher Project is a capsule collaboration of hand-crocheted pieces in celebration of none other than heritage and handcrafted luxury.  With visions of intricacy and elegance, Annika and Cara have created a one of a kind collection that breathes new life into the rich tones of their iconic namesake pieces while staying true to the family history that makes them who they are; as both individuals and designers.

Honoring our Roots


Handcrafted Luxury

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A Tale of Two Designers