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To Be Passed Down for Generations

Built to last, CARA BENEVENIA Handbags are handcrafted by local leather artisans using only the finest hides hand-selected and imported from Arzignano, Italy.

Loving and caring for your CARA BENEVENIA is easy.  Read our advice on her care, so you can wear your CARA BENEVENIA as intended; season after season and ready to be passed down for generations to come.


CARA BENEVENIA uses gold plated and silver hardware for its fastenings.  The golden and silver hardware will not lose clarity and color if handled with special care.  Avoid contact with other surfaces that may scratch the hardware and liquids that may stain (especially creams, serums, and hand lotions).  Substances such as alcohol, cologne, and disinfectant should not come into contact with your CARA BENEVENIA Handbag's hardware.


CARA BENEVENIA Handbags are crafted from beautiful Nappa leather that ages gracefully on its own, but that also must be looked after with the greatest precautions.  While using your CARA BENEVENIA Handbag, do not overload with items, and avoid contact with dark-colored fabrics and denim that may crock onto your handbag.  In case of accidental scratches, reduce by massaging the skin gently.  Avoid contact with creams, serums, lotions, grease, mud, dirt, and rain.  Protect from alcohol, oil, and other liquids.  Exposure to extreme sunlight and humidity can cause discoloration and mold.

While taking care of your handbag is necessary, it's important to love and carry your CARA BENEVENIA, too.  Age equals beauty, and the more you carry your bag the more beautiful it will become over time.  As the leather softens, the shape can change slightly; that is part of the charm of something well-loved!

Professional Cleaning is recommended: if you find stains or scratches on your CARA BENEVENIA, take her to a leather specialist.


When not using, unload your CARA BENEVENIA and gently wipe her with a cool, dry cloth using circular movements.  Do not sling your CARA BENEVENIA by the handle over a doorknob or hook, as this action may distort the leather.

Stuff your CARA BENEVENIA with tissue paper or a rolled up sweater to maintain its shape during storage.  Place your CARA BENEVENIA in her branded dust-bag to protect her woven leathers from loosening and store upright, avoiding tight spaces that might crush and distort her shape.  Storing your CARA BENEVENIA in a cool, dry place keeps the leather fresh, prolonging your CARA BENEVENIA Handbag's life.