Meet Annika Anaguano-Zelichowska

Meet Annika
Imagine the fashion world, but everything in black and white.  The 80's without the spunk, bright colors, and avant-garde freedom of expression.  Coupons to purchase clothing, one outfit offered per year to citizens, and barely any inspiration in sight.  Communist rule over Poland was a blanket of darkness.
“.....I always heard stories about Poland in the 1980s. They had shops and coupons to buy one outfit each year.  Colors were rare, everything was black and boring."
And yet, a crocheting phenomenon ensued.  A phenomenon that inspired a young Isabela Hoogenes (Annika's mother) to think outside of the box in order to color the mundane life that had overtaken Poland.
"The background of my mom really inspired me. She would make her own clothes by collecting Polish flags. She’d dye them and handcraft her own clothing from there.” 
Fast forward to 2020, and The Polisher Project is born, a sustainable, made-to-order luxury crochet brand by Annika Anaguano-Zelichowska.  Annika's passion and creative brilliance truly shines through each of her hand-made pieces; a heartwarming tribute to her mother and grandmother who have helped her hone her craft and become the designer she is today.
The name, The Polisher means “many things,” exactly what Annika embodies through The Polisher Project.  By combining a plethora of inspiration, a mission of sustainability, and a deep pride in family roots, Annika truly celebrates her heritage while modernizing the classic "crochet".

Cara Benevenia X The Polisher Project; A Tale of Two Designers celebrates none other than family heritage and handcrafted luxury.  With visions of intricacy and elegance, Cara and Annika have created a one of a kind capsule collaboration that breathes new life into their brand's iconic namesake pieces while staying true to the rich history that makes them who they are.