The Billie Story

Dear Friends,
I am incredibly excited to introduce the redesign of the Cara Benevenia Billie Bag, our iconic digital plaid shoulder style that made its debut in December 2020.
This timeless, one-of-a-kind luxury handbag is crafted by talented artisans in my home state of New Jersey with a custom plaid textile, buttery Italian Leather, and gold-plated hardware.
Every Cara Benevenia handbag tells a story, and the Billie Bag is no exception.
The Billie handbag is a true reflection of love and family legacy, and I hope you will find as much inspiration in this style and story as I have....
The Billie story begins with my maternal grandparents, Jean and Bill Kyzima.
 Jean and Bill embodied the typical 1950's American couple in the best way. Born and raised in Newark in the 30's, they met at the local parish, got engaged while my grandpa was deployed in Korea, worked blue collar jobs, raised two children in Newark's Ironbound, and spent their summers at the Jersey Shore.
"Wink and Jean" as they became known as, were the kind of people that everyone knew. They were joyous, open, kindhearted, and thoughtful.
Wink and Jean not only had a place for you at their table, they made you feel like you were a part of their family.
What Wink and Jean loved the most were summers spent with their children and grandchildren at the Jersey Shore - Frank Sinatra blaring through the speakers, boat rides, poolside cocktails, and a backyard full of family and friends.
When my mom and I discovered the abstract multicolor plaid poolside coverup hanging in my grandmother's closet a few months after she just passed, I knew instantly that I was about to design a handbag in honor of a lifetime of summer memories spent with Wink and Jean at the Jersey Shore.
The Billie is a timeless "vintage meets modern" shoulder style telling the beautiful story of my grandparents, Bill and Jean.
I hope you will love and cherish this handbag as much as I do.
With Love,