Cara Benevenia Teams up with Kate Norkeliunas to benefit Project Heal

Cara Benevenia X Kate Norkeliunas X Project HEAL is all about self-love, resilience, and altruism. Beginning with a few hundred stitches, a backstory, and inspiration from an 80’s pool cover-up worn by Cara’s grandmother, the modernized Billie bag is here and here to stay.  Cara Benevenia has teamed up with Kate Norkeliunas and Project HEAL in full support of their LGBTQ+ Treatment Equity Project. This initiative is built to support marginalized individuals
who live day to day with an untreated eating disorder due to our healthcare system, and more recently, COVID-19. Formulating the Billie bag with intention behind each stitch, Cara’s desire to support marginalized artisans and individuals showcases the perfect fit for this ultimate collaboration. The name "Billie" was chosen due to its fresh, gender-neutral modernity, and the bag itself reads rainbow, sure to brighten up any outfit you choose to style it with.  Showing support for Project HEAL, which leads an effort to support the LGBTQ+ community, is close to Kate’s heart, as she speaks with openness and vulnerability about her eating disorder to her 950K+ Followers on Tik Tok.  To Kate, Billie is for the womxn who wants to do everything, and can.  From a pizza parlor to the workplace, Billie is small but mighty.  5% of The Billie bag’s proceeds will be donated to Project HEAL’s LGBTQ+ Treatment Equity Project.